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Posted in Uncategorized on February 25, 2009 by luvrains

I have been lazy about updating here.. so just a quick update here..

Met up with Grily, one of my close friends from JC on Monday night for dinner. One thing I can say of her, she hasn’t changed much over the last few years. Still like to stone aka staring into space. Haha. I guess some things are for keeps, such as habits, and our friendship. And I’m going to arrange more meet-ups with old friends soon!

Also went to ToGetHer autograph session at Causeway last Friday with Karen. It was the longest queue of my entire groupie life. I reached Causeway at around 1030 am and only got to see the stars at around 830pm. And yeah, one group of sec sch girls irritated the hell out of me that day, especially when I was trying to do my readings while waiting. A major dumper to the day. Oh well… But, but, George Hu is a lot more good-looking in person! Wahaha…

Before I end off, I hereby declare that I really really need to rev up my engine and get more serious about FYP. It’s officially only a month and a little more before deadline! Press on, Lesli!!!