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Wishing to see the end of March soon, yet at the same time dreading the coming of it…for it will mean the coming of the next phase of my life. One which I’m not prepared for yet.

I’m in the midst of doing my FYP and am stuck. So I just need a space for me to grumble a little.

I want a good introduction to hit me real soon…so that i may keep to my own deadline for finishing the introduction, which is tomorrow, Sunday. Introductions are always the hardest part of the essay to write. Or so it is to me… So come on…please enlighten me, Intro!


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I have been lazy about updating here.. so just a quick update here..

Met up with Grily, one of my close friends from JC on Monday night for dinner. One thing I can say of her, she hasn’t changed much over the last few years. Still like to stone aka staring into space. Haha. I guess some things are for keeps, such as habits, and our friendship. And I’m going to arrange more meet-ups with old friends soon!

Also went to ToGetHer autograph session at Causeway last Friday with Karen. It was the longest queue of my entire groupie life. I reached Causeway at around 1030 am and only got to see the stars at around 830pm. And yeah, one group of sec sch girls irritated the hell out of me that day, especially when I was trying to do my readings while waiting. A major dumper to the day. Oh well… But, but, George Hu is a lot more good-looking in person! Wahaha…

Before I end off, I hereby declare that I really really need to rev up my engine and get more serious about FYP. It’s officially only a month and a little more before deadline! Press on, Lesli!!!

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Mediacorp’s bloackbuster of the year, The Little Nyonya ended yesterday, 5 January 2009, on a not so happy note. I was reading Straits Times online and came across this article, “How should it have ended?”, in which the writer revealed the 5 different endings the scriptwriter had for the final moments of the show.

Personally, I feel it was a bad choice in letting Yueniang and Chen Xi marry different people in the end. For me, I feel that kind of ending spoils everything that has gone on before. In short, the ending was a major anti-climax! As a loyal viewer myself, I would like to see the two main protagonists live happily ever after, especially after all the hardships they have had to go through in the intervening time.

Also, I personally feel the ending is unfair instead of fair to Yuzhu. After all, Yuzhu became what she is because she wants  the two lovers to be together. What would count as fair to Yuzhu would be, in my opinion, Chen Xi and Yueniang bringing up Yuzhu’s son together. Only by doing that could they possibly negate the guilt they feel towards their good friend and sister. Yueniang is only running away from their problems by marrying Paul. I can’t possibly blame Chen Xi since he is under the impression Yueniang is dead.

And which is why I would prefer ending to be this – “Chen Xi thinks that Yueniang is dead but she still loves and cares for him secretly. He falls ill and almost dies. In the hospital, he sees Yueniang visiting him but he thinks that he is imagining things. She finally reveals she is still alive.”.  I feel that would make a much better ending and it is realistic in its own way. Chen Xi has always been a sickly character in the show, and Yueniang only revealing to Chen Xi in the hospital that she is still alive is also something her headstrong personality would allow her to do at the very least. That is definitely better than possibly living a life of regret.Don’t you think so???

I still like the drama. I just don’t like the ending.

Whatever it is, this post is just my take on the drama’s ending and I mean no malice.

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I want to watch these 2 movies in the coming weeks…

First, Twilight. Simply because it’s a vampire movie adapted from a novel of the same title. There’s always something dark and mysterious about vampires that keeps me hooked…

And of course, Walt Disney’s Bedtime Stories! There’s always that allure about Walt Disney productions for me…

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Merry Christmas everyone!

I can’t believe how fast time just went by me the past month. It’s already Christmas now and less than two weeks away from my last semester at NTU, not to mention the last week of 2008. JUST the thought of it is daunting.  2009 is going to be a whole new year for me, especially the second half. I would have graduated from NTU by then and maybe starting work at some random company. It’s indeed going to be different from the past years, where I was just playing the role of a student who sometimes held part-time jobs to earn extra pocket and shopping money. Likewise, I won’t have any more student privileges come June next year. That’s going to be quite tough for me, given my penchant for spending. 😦

Anyway, whatever changes that may come my way next year, I know I will continue to be the same me. Like for example, I know I will still continue liking Hello Kitty and its various merchandise. Speaking of which, I found a original Sanrio shop at Vivo City yesterday.It is a shop every Hello Kitty and other Sanrio characters’ lovers must make a trip to, and I mean it! 😉

sanrio3PS: I finished watching Korean drama, Iljimae a few days back, and I must say the drama extends beyond my original expectations. It was a lot better than I expected it to be originally…and Lee Junki’s effort is not to be neglected for making it a must-watch drama of the year. iljimae16

Marina Barrage

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A trip to the new Marina Barrage aka Reservior in the City, with my family on Saturday after dinner. (My Dad has been asking us to go there for ages!)

Only regret, it was hard to see anything in the darkness, other than the colourful water works by the water fountains. Having been at the Barrage during nighttime, I wanna go back there in the daytime. It should be quite a different experience.

Yet, I must say the place is well designed, with the Green Roof as the most impressive I think. Everyone’s harping about being environmentally friendly these days, and the Green Roof is testimony to all that.

PS: The Green Roof is a great hang-out for couples looking for a bit of romantic sparks at night. 😛

Hello world!

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HELLO! This is my very first post at I have long wanted to try out wordpress and finally got to it today.  There are a lot of new things around wordpress and I had to fumble my way around just now. Oh well. At least I got a picture from my favourite anime, Vampire Knight as my header. I’m proud of my artwork…

Haven’t blogged in a long long while, since September I think. That is LONG! It’s a good way to get back to blogging with my new wordpress account!

Shall get back with more posts in future!